How Seo Has Changed For The Better

One trend that seems to be happening with SEO seems to run counter to intuition. Internet users have a reputation for their impatience, and most studies find that few visitors will spend more than a very few seconds on a page. On the other hand, recent studies have found that longer content tends to perform better in searches than short content. A few years ago, a 300-word blog post was plenty for most pages. These days, website owners tend to find that 1,000- to 1,500-word articles perform better.

Why Consider Adding Longer Content to a Website?

A Denver SEO consultant may advise clients to add longer content to their pages under certain circumstances. The primary consideration is the type of content that competitors might rank for at the moment. If a client's page only has 300 words doesn't rank well, it might be worth it to try adding content. This is especially true if a high-ranking competitor has longer articles. If the content is tailored correctly, it is certainly unlikely to hurt and may very well add an extra boost.

How to Add Long Content to a Page

Few Internet visitors have any patience with a big wall of text. It's very important to use good Internet copywriting tactics when composing long articles. This means that it's a good idea to break up long articles with plenty of appropriate headings, bullet points, images, and so on. Even if the article is long, it's a also good idea to keep paragraphs fairly short.

All get more info of these tactics make it easier for readers to scan content on the Internet. A majority of visitors may still not read the entire article. Some of them may read enough to get the message and perform a desired action anyway. Some will decide they want more information and stick around.

One thing that has become more important is keeping users on a site as long as possible. Search engine algorithms have become a lot more focused on user intent and user behavior. Longer and more complete articles and other content should help with this goal. That might account for one reason that longer content tends to rank better.

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